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Soul healing is release, being the primary ‘wonder’ baseline structure because it stands alone or works in harmony as a fundamental foundation to support and enhance all therapeutic and haling or wholeness modalities, and all walks of faith. It is the very key that unlocks all other doors for unlimited potential.”

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Why do you call yourself a Soul Guide?

I am of the Blue Ray Angelic Human Light, here to help you release what no longer serves, which directly, Heightens your awareness, and prospers your soul. 

What is Blue Ray Angelic Human?

The first Angles of Light of the Blue Ray from the Source Kryst seed of God that have returned to help raise the vibration of Gaia and her inhabitants.

What does a Soul Guide do?

My function is simple − BE the Light, and guide souls to their True Light of Wholeness and Knowing.  

How do I know for sure that I can change?

Each individual is inherently balanced, whole and free. Man is electric, bio-organic computer, able to download, rewrite or delete data or code. Soul energy is malleable and moves toward wholeness immediately from the first session. 

What are the benefits of several sessions?

My tailored Soul Guide sessions have cumulative power for your mental, physical and spiritual bodies, like exercise. After 30 days change begins. After 60 days, results really kick in!  Cumulative sessions greatly increase self-awareness skills that strengthen intuition, spiritual discernment & self-reliance.

How many sessions will I need before I see a change?

What you put in, you get out. Each individual vibrates a unique signature of conditioning, therefore outcomes and required sessions to release time-bound energies varies. Change happens invisibly before it happens visibly. That’s the magic of you at work. 

Why do I feel different after sessions?

First, you are a multidimensional being accessing and emitting light from many dimensions. During tailored sessions, your Life Force shifts into a higher order, affecting your present state. After sessions, cellular light continues increasing in frequency. The difference you feel is you, functioning from a more evolved, prosperous state, or dimension.

When and how are cards used?

Each tailored session may include the drawing of an angelic or oracle card or cards, to help clarify a specific point or message you need to hear. 

What can I count on for support in-between sessions?

One supportive email every three sessions, and tailored homeworks are offered. All session facets work together for your wholeness and prosperity. 

How do I book *ONLINE or **IN-PERSON sessions?

Select PROSPER from the menu bar or wherever you see the button   IT’S MY TURN TO PROSPER.  Click to open the page and choose your reading. All readings are online unless In-person is specified at time of booking in the Enter exact email text area of your session choice. Check your email for confirmation.

**In person sessions are local and cash only at this time. Thank you

You are whole, perfect and complete